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Learn How To Inspire a Love of Reading

Reading with children is a rewarding experience that prepares them for a lifetime of learning. We offer workshops and resources to help you get started.

wee read & pee wee read

Make the most of family reading time and help your young readers experience the joy and confidence of reading! Develop and deepen your skills as a reading role model with wee read and pee wee read.

wee read is for caregivers of 5-7 year-olds and pee wee read is our program for caregivers of 3-5 year olds. It’s free, it’s self-paced and it only takes an hour!

Home Reading Helper

Are you looking for ways to help your child become a stronger reader?

We’re thrilled to bring you Home Reading Helper—a resource for parents to support young readers at home provided by Read Charlotte. Search by grade level and find an array of great videos, printables, games and quick and fun home activities designed to help grow your child’s reading skills.

Book Picks

Choosing books to share the magic of reading with the children in your life? We’ve read and are happy to recommend all of the books shown below.


Need help inspiring a child’s love of reading? Download tip sheets, watch videos, and get practical advice. We’re always adding more.